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Timberland Truckstop, LLC has been serving the community since 1998. We pride ourselves on family values, community growth, and great customer service. It is a pleasure serving our patrons. 

Our truckstop offers several professional driver amenities including a convenience store, casino, deli, restaurant, fuel services, free overnight parking, safe environment with 24/7 security guards & surveillance, showers, laundry, and lounge.

About Us

Truck Car Park

Professional Drivers

Enjoy the area for our professional drivers.  Whether you're freshening up, taking care of laundry, or relaxing for a minute, Timberland has a safe environment including:

  • 24/7 Surveillance 

  • 24/7 Security around all of the property  

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Wash and dry your clothes in our laundry room.


Relax and enjoy our lounge.


Use our showers to refresh after a long drive.

Truckers Lounge

Truckers Lounge
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